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Five in Five! with Josh Howerton of AlphaDayTrading.com

In this edition of 5 in 5. We sit down with Josh Howerton of AlphaDayTrading.com.

Josh Howerton is the Founder of AlphaDayTrading.com and Head Mentor of the Alpha Trading Community. Josh founded AlphaDayTrading in 2017 to change the image of the trading industry, teaching new traders how to trade the stock market full time without having to pay and arm and a leg for GREAT education! Josh has been actively trading stocks since 2016 and has been a full time trader since 2019. He has mentored hundreds of traders in multiple countries around the world. Traders have gone from knowing nothing to making consistent profits in the stock market. His following has grown substantially due to raving testimonials and success stories over the years.

  1. How did you first get into trading?

I first got into trading back in 2016 when a good friend of mine introduced my to the crypto market! I was clueless about trading and just thought I would buy buy buy and not sell, take profits or manage risk (as i did not know anything about risk management) Shortly after the 2017 crypto crash I transitioned to trading the stock market and have been doing phenomenal since.

  1. What are some things you wish you knew when you first started?

I wish I would have listened to people in the beginning lol people telling me to get good at managing my risk and paper trading. I thought I knew it all and took everything into my own hands just to lose and blow up accounts. I then set my ego aside and hired a trading mentor which took me from a crappy trader to a great trader.

  1. Why did you start Alpha Day Trading, and what would you tell young entrepreneurs looking to start a business?

I started Alpha Day Trading to help new traders succeed. Trading communities are very expensive and 99% are not credible. Education is key to your success so I founded Alpha Day Trading to provide PROPER trading education at an affordable price! Our mission is to make proper trading education more affordable and to change the statistic of “95% of traders fail”. I would tell new entrepreneurs to find something they are passionate with and then try to turn that passion into a business. You will love what you are doing and the money will follow!

  1. Most people nowadays see the YouTube ads and promotions with guys next to Lambo’s on the beach trading, and do not realize how hard and stressful it can be to just day trade, let alone run a full Business, all the while creating content and giving the proper care to each of your clients. What gives you the motivation to do what you do every day?

99% of trading communities only “sell the lifestyle” which sets improper expectations about stock trading. It takes time to master this and you have to know its not a “get rich quick” thing. This is why I DO NOT promote in that fashion as its very misleading. My motivation comes from my passion. Remember, find something your passionate about and turn it into a business. I LOVE helping others and watching them succeed in the stock market! Members success is my motivation. Not only that, by my familys support motivated me as well to never give up

  1. What book or resource has helped you the most in business or in your personal life?

A few books I ABSOLUTELY love are Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas, You Cant Hurt Me by David Goggins and The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

  1. Bonus Question: Any last advice for Trader’s looking to start their own journey?

For traders, I would recommend they get established inside of a trading community. Not only will they learn from their mentor but they will learn from other members by being able to collab and exchange ideas!

To join Josh’s unique Trading Community visit alphadaytrading.com for more!

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